Statute of Limitations Enforcement Cases

State Ethics Commission decisions, disposition agreements, and public education letters relating to the statute of limitations
  1. Bonavita, Richard Docket No. 08-0001
    The Commission issued a Decision and Order approving a Joint Motion to Dismiss the Proceedings involving former Barnstable County Sheriff's Department Assistant Superintendent for Operations Richard Bonavita because the statute of limitations had run on the case.  The Commission issued an Order to Show Cause in February 2008 alleging that Bonavita repeatedly violated sections 23(b)(2) and 23(b)(3) of the conflict of interest law by directing a Sheriff’s Office mechanic to perform free automobile repairs for Bonavita and one of Bonavita’s immediate family members.

  2. O'Toole, Michael J. Docket No. 07-0001
    The Commission issued a Decision and Order approving the Respondent's Motion for Summary Decision dismissing the Order to Show Cause involving Executive Office of Public Safety Director of Programs Michael O'Toole as time-barred under the relevant statute of limitations.  The Order to Show Cause was issued in January 2007 alleging that in 2003, O'Toole repeatedly violated section 6 of of the conflict of interest law by participating in particular matters in which to his knowledge Crest Associates had a financial interest while O'Toole was negotiating for and/or had an arrangement concerning prospective employment with Crest, and that O'Toole, as a former state employee, violated section 5(a) of the conflict of interest law by receiving compensation from Crest regarding writing a quarterly report for a police department in connection with particular matters in which he had participated as the EOPS undersecretary.

  3. Powers, Michael D. Docket No. 396
    The Commission issued a Decision and Order dismissing the adjudicatory proceedings into allegations that former Boston Special Assistant Corporation Counsel Michael Powers violated section 18 of the conflict of interest law by filing an amicus brief on behalf of a private client in connection with a lawsuit filed against the City in which he participated while a Special Assistant Corporation Counsel.  The Commission found that the allegations detailed in the Order to Show Cause were generally known more than three years prior to the filing of the OTSC and that the statute of limitations therefore prohibited the Petitioner Enforcement Division from prosecuting the allegations.

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