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The State Ethics Commission is an independent state agency that administers and enforces the provisions of the conflict of interest law and financial disclosure law.


State Ethics Commission issues formal Commission opinion EC-COI-22-1

The Commission opinion reaffirms that Section 17(a), which prohibits municipal employees’ receipt of compensation from anyone other than the municipality in relation to a matter in which the municipality is a party or has a direct and substantial interest, bars a municipal board member from doing privately paid work on a matter before their board.
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The Commission offers bi-monthly educational seminars on the conflict of interest law via Zoom. Please register to attend a seminar using the links below. You can contact David Giannotti at to schedule a seminar for your agency or municipality or to inquire about seminars.
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The State Ethics Commission serves the public by fostering integrity in government. The independent agency provides free advice to all public employees on the conflict of interest law, and civilly enforces this law. You can contact the Commission to obtain legal advice, file a complaint, obtain a statement of financial interest or conflict of interest law disclosure form, or complete statutory conflict of interest law requirements.

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