Statute, process and application of Chapter 40 Section 54A

Permits for construction on Railroad Rights-of-way

Cities, towns, and individuals must have a local building permit to build on former railroad company land. To issue the permit, or a determination of inapplicability, the applicant must submit the following:

  • a completed application
  • the required attachments referenced in the application

The process usually takes about 10-14 weeks.

40 §54A Application and Application Guidance

MassDOT will hold public hearings as a vital component of the M.G.L. c. 40, Section 54A review process, whenever they are deemed essential to serving the public interest. The responsibility of demonstrating the essential nature of a hearing to the public interest lies with the municipality, which is the party requesting the Secretary's consent for the issuance of a building permit.

Please utilize the 40 §54A Statement of Procedure Application and Application Guidance documents provided in the links below.

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