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Federal Programs

Combatting Trafficking in Persons (Department of Defense)

The Combating Trafficking in Persons Program Management Office (CTIP PMO) is the lead office responsible for coordinating the Department of Defense (DoD) efforts to prevent human trafficking, prosecute traffickers, and assist in the protection of victims of human trafficking.

National Programs


Protect Our Defenders (POD) is the pre-eminent national human rights organization dedicated to ending sexual violence, victim retaliation, misogyny, sexual prejudice, and racism in the military and combating a culture that has allowed it to persist. We honor, support, and give voice to survivors of military sexual violence. We seek reform to ensure all service members are provided a safe and respectful work environment free from misogyny and racism, and have access to a fair, impartially administered system of justice.

National Network to End Domestic Violence

Offers projects at the at the state and national level that address the complex causes and far reaching consequences of domestic violence. The National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) is a social change organization dedicated to creating a social, political, and economic environment in which violence against women no longer exists.

National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC)

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) is the leading nonprofit in providing information and tools to prevent and respond to sexual violence. NSVRC translates research and trends into best practices that help individuals, communities and service providers achieve real and lasting change. NSVRC also works with the media to promote informed reporting. Every April, NSVRC leads Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), a campaign to educate and engage the public in addressing this widespread issue. NSVRC is also one of the three founding organizations of RALIANCE, a national, collaborative initiative dedicated to ending sexual violence in one generation.

Minority Veterans of America*

Advocates equity, respect, and justice for all minority veterans. Minority Veterans of America is a free member organization working to create belonging and advance equity for underrepresented veterans, including women, people of color, LGBTQ, and religious minorities.

Service Women's Action Network*

Connects women Veterans to mentors for personal and professional guidance, legal advice and counseling services. The Service Women's Action Network (SWAN) is a member-driven community network advocating for the individual and collective needs of service women.

Take Back the Night*

If you are a survivor of sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape or other sexual violence, learn your legal options from victim-focused attorneys.

Trafficking Matters (Federal)

The Human Trafficking Institute exists to decimate modern slavery at its source by empowering police and prosecutors to stop traffickers. Working inside criminal justice systems, the Institute provides the embedded experts, world-class training, investigative resources, and evidence-based research necessary to free victims.

Ujima National Center on Violence Against Women in the Black Community*

Serves as a national, culturally-specific services issue resource center to provide support to and be a voice for the Black Community in response to domestic, sexual and community violence. Ujima mission is to mobilize the community to respond to and end domestic, sexual and community violence in the Black community.


Provides an online network of accessible digital library tools to advance efforts to end gender-based violence and intersecting issues. Vawnet is a project of the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, focused on violence against women and other forms of gender-based violence

Women Veteran Social Justice*

Our wide range of services and programs are backed by industry knowledge and our passion to help women find solutions perfectly tailored to their needs, goals and circumstances.

Women Veterans ROCK*

The Healthy Caregiver Community Foundation Commissions a 10 Year Research Study of America’s Women Veterans

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