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National Programs

American Women Veterans Foundation (AWVF)

Women veterans have served in the United States Armed Forces in every war since the American Revolution. The American Women Veterans website is a tribute to these women who have served and continues to serve our nation. The site provides information about the service of women in the military including pictures, stories, and other resources.

American Women Veterans Sorority

AWVS is a community of women who have served our country and are now attending college.

Army Nurse Corps Association (ANCA)

The Army Nurse Corps Association (ANCA) is an organization dedicated to the Army Nurse Corps and its officers. We are a voluntary membership organization consisting of Army nurses who are Active Duty, Reserve, or National Guard, whether currently serving, previously served, or retired. Our vision is to connect generations of Army Nurses to continue our legacy of excellence in Army Nursing.

Army Women's Foundation (AWF)

The mission of the Army Women’s Foundation is to promote public interest in the Army and recognize and honor the service of all U.S. Army women, past and present, and inspire the future.

Combat Female Veterans Families United

Assists women veterans and their families transition and reintegrate into life after war. Combat Female Veterans Families (CFVF) United services focus on transition, economic crisis support and advocacy programs to address post-deployment issues.

Foundation For Women Warriors

Provides programs to enhance the personal and economic wellbeing of women veterans while addressing the needs of military women transitioning to civilian life. The Foundation for Women Warriors understands the obstacles and unique challenges women veterans face and can help with unmet basic needs such as financial stability, adequate childcare, stable employment, and a support system.

Grace After Fire (Wellness) 

Honors the commitment, contributions and experiences of Servicewoman. Three million women have served in or with the Armed Forces since the American Revolution. By contributing names and information to our Register, you can help us record and preserve stories that will otherwise be lost to history and unknown to future generations.

Military Women Across the Nation (Formerly WAVES) 

​​The purpose and objective of this organization is to encourage patriotism, loyalty, and devotion to God, country and family; for each member to help one another and her community, state, and nation; for each member to be of actual assistance; and to keep up each other's morale. 

Ms. Veteran America

The Ms. Veteran America competition highlights more than the strength, courage, and sacrifice of our nation's military women, but also reminds us that these women are Mothers, Daughters, Sisters and Wives.

National Women Veterans of America

Provides information and support for women veterans by assisting them in obtaining VA benefits and participating in local and national issues pertaining to all women veterans. National Women Veterans of America is a voice for women who have and are currently serving in the Armed Forces, and an advocate for women veterans rights, issues and benefits.

National Women Veterans United

Provides a female network of military enlisted and veterans, the National Women Veterans United advocates and educates with special emphasis on women who are disabled, homeless, at risk or returning from deployment, to ensure they are connected to appropriate direct services and resources for readjustment and coping skills, as they return to employment, school, and family.

Navy Nurse Corps Association (NNCA)

NNCA is a service organization dedicated to preserving the rich history and traditions of the Navy Nurse Corps. We accomplish this through networking, social activities, recording, sharing, and preserving oral histories for all generations, and advocating for the conservation of Nurse Corps memorabilia.

One Savvy Veteran

One Savvy Veteran's mission is to encourage, educate and empower women veterans with the skills needed to successfully navigate the transition from military service to civilian life.

Vietnam Veterans of America Women Veterans Committee

VVA has a proud history of representing and advocating for the needs and interests of women veterans. Since 1983, when pressure from VVA resulted in the first GAO report on VA health care services for women veterans, we have been the leader in championing appropriate and quality health care, equal access to benefits, and the recognition that women veterans earned and deserve

Women's Army Corps Veterans' Association

The Women's Army Corps (WAC) Mothers Association was founded during World War II (W.W.II) by some of the mothers of women in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) which later became the Women's Army Corps. The WAC Mothers' purpose was to help both men and women by serving in hospitals and USO's, selling bonds, mending clothes, sending comfort packages to the WACs and doing anything they could to make life more comfortable for the men and women serving their country

Women Organizing Women (WOW)

Helps female veterans overcome their barriers by destroying cycles of depression, hopelessness, alcoholism, homelessness, and encouraging self-empowerment. Women Organizing Women's (WOW) Women N The Military program focus on helping female veterans in need of restoration, empowerment, spiritual uplifting, and guidance in accessing community resources.

Women's Overseas Service League (WOSL)

WOSL is a national organization of women who have served overseas in or with the Armed Forces. American women who had served overseas with the military forces during World War One founded WOSL in 1921.

Women Veterans Interactive Foundation

ssists women veterans with all stages of their military transition and gives them the knowledge and tools necessary to meet their physical, mental, and financial challenges. Women Veterans Interactive Foundation (WVIF) mission is to meet women veterans at their points of needs to be successful.

Massachusetts Programs

Massachusetts Women Veterans Network

The Executive Office of Veterans Services manages the Massachusetts Women Veterans Network, a peer group dedicated to empowering women veterans, ensuring their voices are heard, their contributions acknowledged, and their well-being enhanced through education, advocacy, and collaboration.

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