Working on Wellness (MAWoW)

About the Massachusetts Working on Wellness (MAWoW) Program

Working on Wellness is a free, self-directed online training program for employers. The training is designed to help employers develop and implement evidence-based worksite wellness initiatives. Through Working on Wellness, employers:

  • Learn how to build a worksite wellness initiative for their organization at their own pace.
  • Create a free account to follow an evidence-based curriculum.
  • Gain access to an online learning platform that provides instructional videos, case studies, assessment and evaluation tools, a searchable toolbox of publically available resources, and more.
  • Receive a certificate when the full training is completed. Businesses also have the option of completing only the modules that best meet the needs of their wellness program.
  • Ensure that employees are part of a sustainable worksite wellness imitative.

Working on Wellness is intended for any organization interested in implementing a wellness initiative or who already has a wellness initiative but would like to improve it.

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Working on Wellness history

From 2015-2017, Massachusetts Working on Wellness was a statewide initiative that had 156 participating employers. Through the program, employers received training, technical assistance, and seed funding to help them develop and launch a wellness program at their worksite. As participants, these organizations developed comprehensive worksite wellness programs that impacted over 70,000 employees. Of the employees served, 21% were lower-wage workers and half of the organizations were small businesses, employing 200 or fewer people. Through Working on Wellness, these organizations implemented sustainable programs and policies that promoted healthy eating, increased physical activity, reduced stress, improved ergonomics and led to other health benefits.

Prior to 2015, Mass in Motion piloted a worksite wellness capacity building program, also called Working on Wellness. This program, which ran from 2008 – 2013 helped 60 MA employers implement worksite wellness programs, which impacted over 55,000 employees.

View success stories from the Mass in Motion Working on Wellness Program:

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