DOC COVID-19 Institution Cell Housing Reports Archives

**As of May 10, 2021 the Cell Housing Report data will be available through a dashboard. The link may be found in the "Related" section of this page.**

The MA DOC Daily COVID-19 Institution Cell Housing Report includes the total number of inmates per correctional facility; and the number of inmates within each facility who are housed in a cell: (i) alone; (ii) with one (1) other person; or (iii) with two (2) or more other people.

This data includes: 

  • Institution where inmate is incarcerated on the report date
  • Total count of inmates by housing type (alone, with one (1) other person, or with two (2) or more people.
  • Total count of inmates incarcerated on report date
  • Count by institution of the number of inmates housed alone, with one (1) other person, or with two (2) or more other people

* The population covered in this report includes only inmates incarcerated in a MA DOC facility who occupy a bed on the date of the report

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