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Guidelines, Opinions and Advisories

DLS Guidance

All Informational Guideline Releases (IGRs), Local Finance Opinions (LFOs) and Bulletins issued in recent calendar years appear below.  Calendar years prior to 2017 can be accessed by searching the DLSLaw Library.

Table of Contents

2021 Informational Guideline Releases (IGR)

2020 Informational Guideline Releases (IGR)

2019 Informational Guideline Releases (IGR)

2017 Informational Guideline Release (IGR)

2021 Bulletins

2020 Bulletins

2019 Bulletins

2018 Bulletins

2017 Bulletins

2019 Local Finance Opinions (LFO)

2018 Local Finance Opinions (LFO)

DOR Guidance - Regulations

DOR Guidance - Technical Information Releases (TIR)