MassDOT Highway Noise Abatement

MassDOT's Highway Division has programs in place to manage highway noise pollution in the Commonwealth.

Loud traffic noise can be annoying, but it can also interfere with everyday activities like sleeping, having a conversation, or just relaxing.

MassDOT's goal is high-quality customer service. Our policies for noise reduction – or “noise abatement” – meet all state guidelines and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) regulations (23 CFR 772).

Our response

Every MassDOT noise abatement plan begins with three questions:

  • What effect will the noise have on the surrounding area?
  • What noise abatement methods are possible?
  • What noise abatement methods are cost effective?

To make sure we spend taxpayers' dollars wisely on safety programs across the state, we use MassDOT and FHWA criteria to measure a project's cost effectiveness. If enough people will receive a high enough benefit for the cost of the construction of noise abatement, the project is approved.

MassDOT uses the Type 1 Noise Abatement Program, which reduces noise from construction projects such as building or repairing highways, adding or moving lanes or ramps, or building weigh stations or rest stops.

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