Memorandum  #20: PROSPER and Compliance with the 91A Process

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To All Retirement Boards:

We are happy to announce that the § 91A phase of PROSPER is now available.  Your board will soon be receiving tasks through PROSPER if any of your disability retirees have not met the 2017 § 91A filing requirements, pursuant to G.L. c. 32, § 91A.  

If any of your members have not met the 2017 § 91A filing requirements, your task column will look like this: 

PROSPER screenshot showing task column, highlighting new termination notification

As you know, G.L. c. 32, § 91A provides that if such pensioned or retired person fails to submit such statement or such forms, and unless such person shall show good cause for such failure to submit such statements to the Commission, the member’s rights in and to the retirement allowance provided for in §§ 6 and 7 shall terminate until the member has complied with the reporting requirements under this section. 

Prior to any termination of benefits pursuant to G.L. c. 32, § 91A, the member shall be given a written notice and an opportunity to be heard by the retirement board and, upon such termination of benefits, shall have the right to appeal such action to the Contributory Retirement Appeal Board (“CRAB”).  Your board is directed to provide written notice and an opportunity to be heard by your board to each of the members in which you receive a task. 

You will be prompted through PROSPER to take Termination Action.  Once a member has had their retirement allowance shut off, you must add a shut off date.  Or if No Action is taken, you must enter a reason.  PROSPER will keep sending you task alerts every 30 days if no response is indicated.  Once a member complies or if their status changes you will be able to view such update.

PROSPER screenshot highlighting 91A board action termination request - either no action or shut off
PROSPER screenshot showing options for reasons - nursing home or other

Please do not hesitate to contact Sandra King, at 617-666-4446, extension 947 or email, with any questions or concerns.

Commission Members

Philip Y Brown, Esq., Chairman
Suzanne M. Bump
Kathleen M. Fallon
Kate Fitzpatrick
James M. Machado
Robert B. McCarthy
Jennifer F. Sullivan

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