Misconduct Involving Department of Revenue Employees

The Office of Ethics and Employee Responsibility investigates allegations of suspected misconduct or impropriety involving Department of Revenue employees.

The Office of Ethics and Employee Responsibility’s main mission is to promote accountability and transparency within DOR by administering and enforcing the DOR Code of Conduct and the Article 29 Professional Standards, as well as all applicable DOR Policies and Procedures, Executive Orders, and all relevant State and Federal statutes. As part of this mission, in order to ensure employee integrity, Inspectors investigate allegations of misconduct involving and/or related to all DOR and ANF-IT employees, including but not limited to the disclosure of confidential information, threats/assaults, bribes, thefts, conflict of interest violations, and browsing/unauthorized accesses of confidential information. In some cases, investigations may involve allegations of misconduct against third parties outside of DOR, such as taxpayers or CSE clients, where DOR employees are the reporting parties and/or victims.

If you feel that an employee may have behaved in an unethical or illegal manner, you should contact DOR immediately. To report allegations of suspected misconduct or impropriety involving DOR employees, please call DOR's Integrity Hotline at (800) 568-0085 or write to PO Box 9568, Boston, MA 02114-9568.

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