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Tara Miltimore, Media Relations/Assistant District Attorney

Cape and Islands DistrictCape & Islands District Attorney Michael O’Keefe announced today that as a result of a request for a well-being check and a separate report of a fire, emergency personnel responded to a location in Truro at approximately 9:30 pm Friday night. 

Upon arrival they encountered a male subject outside the house and a fire on the front lawn.  As the emergency personnel realized that it was a body that was burning, the male subject ran into the house and locked the door.  The Cape Cod Regional SWAT Team responded and ultimately made entry into the home placing the subject into custody. 

The male subject, Adam Howe (DOB 6-18-88) has subsequently been charged with Murder.  Evidence suggests that the decedent is Susan Howe (DOB 10-19-52), the mother of Adam Howe.   

Mr. Howe, experiencing difficulty breathing, was transported to Cape Cod Hospital arriving there at approximately 12:30 am Saturday morning. He was shackled to a gurney after being examined and being watched by hospital personnel with eyes on him at all times.

In the room also were Massachusetts State Police and security personnel from the hospital. The hospital wanted to have him discharged as soon as practical and efforts were made to contact a secure facility to take him.

An on-call judge was finally located at about 3:00 a.m. and she listened to the physician in charge of the emergency room and to the District Attorney, and issued an order under Section 12 of Chapter 123. The District Attorney then contacted Bridgewater to apprise them of the Judge’s order and the Judge’s willingness to speak with them directly.

Bridgewater refused to take Mr. Howe saying they didn’t take Section 12 commitments. They would only take someone committed under Section 18.

The State Police then contacted jails to see who would take Mr. Howe. Section 18 of Chapter 123 provides for a House of Correction to move for a Bridgewater commitment.

The Ash Street Jail, part of the Bristol County House of Correction System, agreed to take him and he was discharged from Cape Cod Hospital and transported to the Ash Street Jail.

Accompanying him was his discharge summary from Cape Cod Hospital and a police report of the incident resulting in his mother’s death. Both of which indicated suicidal ideation. He was found dead in his cell at approximately 5:14 p.m. Sunday, October 2, 2022.


Media Contact for Adam Howe Press Release

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