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Press Release Barnstable County launches very first Motherhood Program

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Media Contact for Barnstable County launches very first Motherhood Program

Coria Holland, Communications Director

Barnstable CountyFor the first time in the history of the Massachusetts Probation Service’s Motherhood Programs there is a program for court-involved mothers on Cape Cod. The program held its first session on February 28 and has eight mothers enrolled.

The new 12-week Barnstable County Motherhood Program, one of 11 statewide, is being held at the Barnstable County Community Corrections Center. This program is being facilitated by Orleans District Probation Officers Sharon Enright with assistance from Kristen Monteiro as well as Probation Case Specialist Angela Ricard.

The program features weekly guest speakers. A variety of topics will be explored such as gentle guidance, substance abuse, nutrition, self-defense, stress management/self care, keeping children safe, domestic abuse, trauma with children, and healthy relationships.

Enright, a former Probate & Family Probation Officer, was approached by Orleans District Court Chief Probation Officer Leonard Enos and Assistant Chief Wayne Chase and asked to start the Cape’s first Motherhood Program. The Barnstable County Motherhood Program joins the long-running Barnstable Fatherhood Program, which Chase established more than 20 years ago, in offering help and guidance to court-involved Cape parents. The Barnstable Motherhood Program is one of a dozen Mothers, Motherhood, and Women’s Program offered to female defendants across the state.

“After working here a couple of months, I was approached by Chief Enos and ACPO Chase and asked if I would be interested in starting the first Barnstable County Motherhood Program. I jumped at the suggestion as I felt there is a tremendous need for a program like this in this area," Enright said.

The program is open to women with and without custody of their children in the Barnstable County area. Participants may be sentenced by a judge to attend.

Mothers enrolled in the program are required to learn the five principles which they will recite at the start of each session. Mothers are often called upon to provide examples of these principles which serve as the foundation of the program. The principles are as follows:

As a mother, it is my responsibility to:

  1. Give affection to my children.
  2. Give gentle guidance to my children.
  3. Provide a safe home for my children.
  4. Set a proud example for my children by having self-respect
  5. Live within the law and without the taint of alcohol or drug use


Media Contact for Barnstable County launches very first Motherhood Program

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