News  Brockton District Court Probation and Plymouth DA compete in friendly Family Feud game

The Brockton District Court Probation Department competed against the Plymouth County District Attorney's Office in a Family Feud game modeled after the popular game show, hosted by comedian Steve Harvey.
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Coria Holland, Communications Director

Employees from Brockton District Court and the Plymouth District Attorney's Office participate in Family Feud.

The TV game show features two families who compete in naming the most popular answers to survey questions. Brockton Probation staff were the winners of the first two rounds with the Plymouth DA's Office winning the final round.

Brockton Probation staff and Plymouth DA employees enjoyed the friendly and competitive game which took place after work at an establishment across the street from the court. Brockton District Chief Probation Officer Michael Branch said the after-work gathering is a great way to develop comradery between the two departments and strengthen their professional relationships. This is the second time Brockton Probation and the Plymouth DA’s Office have come together. They also enjoyed a game of kickball last summer and are in the process of planning future events.

“As many people know, I am a football coach in the community and part of my approach at Brockton District Court is to promote teamwork. We spend more time at work than we do at home with our families. A positive work environment is so important and connecting with our colleagues in criminal justice is key. We are all working together towards the same mission which is to help our clients and make our communities healthier and stronger,” said Chief Branch.

Kristina Zanini, Plymouth Assistant District Attorney, commented on the event, “While incredibly rewarding, our line of work is stressful and time consuming. Maintaining positive professional relationships with our coworkers and colleagues is important.”

Ms. Zanini added, "It has been wonderful to see the comradery built between our office and the BDC Probation Department in particular.  We had an awesome time playing kickball this past summer and Family Feud recently, and despite our losing record, look forward to the next challenge!”

Brockton District Probation Office participants included: Probation Case Coordinator Susan Dermondy-Cohen, Associate Probation Officer Nikki Corolla, Probation Case Specialist (PCS) Tasma Johnson, PCS Gabriel Miranda, Probation Office Manager (POM) Yanni Pena, PCS Eugenia Jeannie Ponder, and PCS Eliane Rosario. Among the other Brockton District Probation participants were: CPO Michael Branch, ACPO Carlos Amado, FACPO Michelle Hollien, First ACPO David Engren, and Probation Officers Marina Gilraine, Christine Pancyck, Joann Mutascio, Stephanie Fasoli, Daniel Offutt, and Derek Melanson. 

“We all work very hard and there is a lot of stress. Playing Family Feud was a great way to bring us all together so that we can get to know those in other departments. I would love to keep it going,” said Ms. Ponder.

“The event was great for morale and a great relationship builder. It was a more relaxed atmosphere and it allowed everyone to have fun,” said Ms. Dermody-Cohen.

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