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Information on Thirteen Refundable or Transferable Tax Credits
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Maryann Merigan

(Boston, MA) – Expanding on the Patrick Administration’s commitment to making government spending more transparent, Massachusetts Revenue Commissioner Amy Pitter today announced the release of the annual Massachusetts Tax Credit Transparency Report, which provides information on tax credits awarded or issued under thirteen programs during calendar year 2013.

“This report provides taxpayers with an overview of the $210 million worth of tax credits that were administered last year,” said Commissioner Pitter. “It is important to provide taxpayers with information on how their tax dollars are being spent, and publishing this report is just a part of the Administration’s transparency effort.”

The 2010 law, proposed by Governor Patrick, requires all agencies with certain tax credits to report to the Department of Revenue (DOR) the identity of the awarded taxpayer and the credit program from which the award was made, the amount of the credit by taxpayer and project, and the date of the award by taxpayer and project for the previous calendar year.

This is the third year DOR has published the recipients and amounts awarded or issued for tax credit programs. The tax credit programs included in the report are: the Film Tax Credit, Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit, Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, Brownfields Tax Credit, Medical Device Company Tax Credit, Dairy Farmer Tax Credit, Life Sciences Tax Incentive Programs (Including, Investment Tax Credit, User Fees Credit, Jobs Credit and Research Credit), Economic Development Incentive Program, Certified Housing Development Tax Credit and Conservation Land Tax Credit.

DOR also updated the 2012 Tax Credit Transparency report to include the credits awarded or issued to taxpayers whose applications may have been pending at the time the previous report was released.

The first Tax Credit Transparency Report was released in June of 2012, covering calendar year 2011. The report detailed over $192 million in credits awarded or issued in 2011. The 2013 Tax Credit Transparency Report makes public the recipients of nearly $210 million in credits awarded or issued by 13 programs.

You may view the 2013, 2012 and 2011 Tax Credit Transparency Reports on the DOR website at under News and Reports.

Massachusetts Tax Credit Transparency Report – Calendar Year 2013 – Final Report

Updated December 18, 2015

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