News  DOR Urges Taxpayers to Use Smartphones for Tax Return Extensions

Mobile app offers safe and user-friendly alternative to paper
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Ann C. Dufresne

(Boston, MA) - Massachusetts Revenue Commissioner Amy Pitter today advised taxpayers to check out the agency’s mobile app if they need more time to file their income tax return. One of the features of “WebFile Mobile” allows iPhone and Android smartphone users to file for up to a six month extension from April 16 when state tax returns are due.

“While many tech-savvy taxpayers use our mobile app for tracking refunds, it is especially useful for those who need to file an extension,” said Commissioner Pitter. “It’s convenient, user-friendly and if you have to make a payment with the extension you can schedule an automatic debit from your checking or savings account.”

DOR’s Information Services Organization Web and Mobile Team developed the free mobile enterprise as part of Commissioner Pitter’s DOR360 program to expand and improve communication with taxpayers.

The WebFile mobile app mirrors the functionality of DOR’s online tax filing system allowing taxpayers to correct a return should it be held up for a missing signature or missing schedule. Taxpayers can also get any alerts, notices or reminders on their smartphones that DOR would send to their existing WebFile for Income account and view DOR produced tax-related videos.

Last tax year, more than 200,000 taxpayers filed for an extension. Commissioner Pitter said encouraging e-filing reduces the amount of paper forms DOR has to process allowing the agency to achieve greater efficiencies.

Since 2002, DOR has saved at least $6.8 million dollars as the number of paper filers dropped by 38%. This tax filing season nearly 95% of the Commonwealth’s 3.5 million taxpayers are expected to file their income tax returns electronically through WebFile for Income or commercial software programs.

To obtain the app from Apple select here. To obtain the app from Google select here.

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