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Press Release Ethics Commission’s Enforcement Division Alleges That Former Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development Director of Communications Kevin Franck Violated the Financial Disclosure Law

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David Giannotti, Communications Division Chief

Allegedly failed to timely file his 2012 Financial Disclosure Statement

Boston, MA — The Enforcement Division of the State Ethics Commission issued an Order to Show Cause (“Order”) alleging that former Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development Director of Communications Kevin Franck (“Franck”) violated G.L. c. 268B, the Financial Disclosure Law, by failing to file a Statement of Financial Interests (“SFI”) for calendar year 2012 on time. 

According to the Order, Franck began his employment as Director of Communications on February 18, 2013.  His position had been designated by his agency as a “major policy-making position” in a filing with the Ethics Commission, and, therefore, Franck was required to file an SFI for calendar year 2012 within 30 days of beginning employment.  The Commission was not notified until December 19, 2013 that Franck was serving in a position that required him to file an SFI for calendar year 2012.  The Commission then notified Franck of his obligation to file an SFI by March 14, 2014.  He failed to file his SFI by that date, and he was subsequently sent a Formal Notice of Lateness, notifying him that he had 10 days to file or he would be subject to civil penalties.  Franck did not file within the 10-day grace period.  Franck did not file his 2012 SFI until May 15, 2014. 

According to the Commission’s penalty schedule for late filers, Franck owes a civil penalty of $300 for filing his SFI 28 days late. 

The Financial Disclosure Law requires elected state and county officials, candidates for state office and “designated major policy makers” at the state and county level to annually disclose their financial interests and private business associations by filing an SFI with the Commission.

The Commission will schedule a hearing on the matter within 90 days.


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