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Press Release  Healey-Driscoll Administration Announces LGBTQ+ Mental Health Resource Hubs

New online resource pages highlight local and national services for the LGBTQ+ community
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Olivia James, Communications Manager

BOSTONAs part of an ongoing effort to increase access to mental health services for LGBTQ+ individuals and families, the Healey-Driscoll Administration announced the creation of two online hubs for LGBTQ+ mental and behavioral health resources. The online hubs include a variety of specialized services and supports for LGBTQ+ individuals and LGBTQ+ youth, including therapeutic support, substance use treatment, community-based resources, and more.

Through these resource hubs, Massachusetts residents will be able to find local groups and providers who offer LGBTQ-specific and LGBTQ-sensitive care, as well as online and in-person support groups, LGBTQ-specific activities and opportunities, information on national LGBTQ+ supports and connection to Massachusetts’ strong network of mental health care. Anyone can visit and to explore these resources.

 “We want LGBTQ+ children, adults, and families to know they are loved, safe, and celebrated in Massachusetts,” said Governor Maura Healey. “As other states move to restrict support and resources for LGBTQ+ residents, we are protecting and expanding them. In Massachusetts, we know that love is love and we will continue to lead the country in the protection and promotion of LGBTQ+ care.”

 "Across the country, we’re seeing renewed attacks on LGBTQ+ individuals and the people that love them,” said Lieutenant Governor Driscoll. “This only exacerbates the already critical mental health challenges that LGBTQ+ communities are facing, and we will not stand idly by. If you are struggling with your mental health, you are not alone. Massachusetts has an exceptional network of mental health resources and supports and we want to make sure those who need them, know about them.”

“LGBTQ+ children, adults, and families experience unique challenges,” said Secretary of Health and Human Services Kate Walsh. “This resource directory will guide LGBTQ+ individuals and their families to the specialized care and resources they need. This is part of our commitment to protect our LGBTQ+ community, especially LGBTQ+ youth and young adults.”

The LGBTQ+ mental health resource hubs were first announced by Lieutenant Governor Driscoll at yesterday’s Pride Month Celebration for LGBTQ+ Youth & Families in the Massachusetts State House. The LGBTQ+ Youth Mental Health Hub highlights a number of youth-specific organizations and services in Massachusetts and beyond, including the Alliance of Gay and Lesbian Youth (AGLY) Network, a statewide network of community-based organizations supporting LGBTQ+ youth.

This is the latest action in an ongoing effort from the Healey-Driscoll Administration to support LGBTQ+ individuals and families and increase access to critical mental health and substance use care. LGBTQ+ individuals have historically seen higher rates of mental health and substance use struggles, and are more likely to experience bullying, harassment and violence. Discrimination and prejudice have also historically made it more difficult for people in the LGBTQ+ community to access the comprehensive supports they need. The resource hubs aim to rectify these gaps and help LGBTQ+ people in Massachusetts get connected to culturally sensitive, LGBTQ-specific care.

For more information and to explore the resource hubs, visit


Media Contact   for Healey-Driscoll Administration Announces LGBTQ+ Mental Health Resource Hubs

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