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Press Release Healey-Driscoll Administration Awards $5.6 Million in Funding for Dams and Coastal Infrastructure

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Danielle Burney, Deputy Communications Director

BOSTONThe Healey-Driscoll Administration today announced over $5.6 million in grants to repair dams and strengthen coastal infrastructure across Massachusetts. The Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs’ (EEA) Dam and Seawall program will support 21 municipalities and nonprofit organizations in repairing critical infrastructure or removing obsolete structures within their communities. 

These grants come following devasting storms that flooded fields and farms in Western Massachusetts. The Dam and Seawall program is one of the many resources the administration is working to provide to communities to ensure their structures can adapt to climate impacts. Repairing and/or removing deteriorating infrastructure will improve public safety and restore ecological systems.

Last week, I saw firsthand the catastrophic flooding impacting many people’s personal and professional lives,” said Governor Maura Healey. “As we continue to experience the impacts of climate change, it’s critical to invest in programs like this that will enhance our safety and infrastructure. We are proud to announce these awards, which will help us build a more resilient Massachusetts.”

“As a former mayor, I know the financial difficulties many communities face in funding these projects,” said Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll. “These grants enable municipalities of all sizes to address aging infrastructure immediately, and we’re acting now to ensure more resilient solutions can be implemented.”

Grants are awarded to advance designs and permits as well as to construct the projects. The grants will support seventeen design and permitting projects and four construction projects. With these new grants, the Dam and Seawall Program has now provided $120 million in grants and loans to address deficient dams, seawalls, and levees since the program began in 2013.

“Seawalls, dams, and levees are some of the first structures to be impacted by changing climate, and some were never intended to withstand intense storms or rising sea levels,” said EEA Secretary Rebecca Tepper. “Through this program, communities can address aging infrastructure, protect public water supply and prevent roadways, homes, and businesses from being damaged.”

“The Cambridge Reservoir Dam is an essential water source for my community and ensuring it is safe and in good condition is nonnegotiable,” said State Senator Sal DiDomenico (D-Everett). “I am grateful to see the Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs provide the necessary grant funding to repair the Hobbs Brook Gatehouse and Outlet Culvert so that our water is protected for years to come.”

“Last week we saw clearly how important dam maintenance and planning is and the impact extreme weather can have in our region and throughout our state,” said State Senator Paul Mark (D-Peru). “The grants for Pittsfield and Hinsdale will be very helpful with preparation and mitigation as we know the next weather event is potentially just around the corner. I applaud the Healey administration for their focus and partnership as we rebuild and plan ahead and I know this funding will go a long way in our western MA communities.”

The grant recipients and awarded projects are below (alphabetical by awardee within categories):

Organization Name

Structure Name/Project Title

Total Amount

Design/Permit Grants




Unnamed Dam/Victory Lane Dam Removal Design and Permit


Fall River

Upper Lake Noquochoke Dam Removal



Menauhant Road Public Safety and Coastal Resiliency Improvement Project Design and Permit



Scott Reservoir Dam Seepage Mitigation Project Design and Permit



Glue Factory Pond West Dam Removal Design and Permit



Fernwood Lake West Dam Improvements Design



Fisherville Dam Repair Design



Forge Pond Dam & Dike



Little River Dam Removal and River Restoration Design and Permit



Hinsdale - Plunkett Dam Spillway Project Design and Permit



Red Brook Dam Removal/Culvert Replacement and Restoration



Design and Permitting for the Removal of the Charles River Dam in South Natick



Francis P. Ryan Reservoir Dam and West Whately Reservoir Dam Rehabilitation Project


OARS, Inc.

Wheeler Pond Dam Removal (Berlin) - Design and Permitting



Lake Mattawa South Dam Design



Sandwash Reservoir Dam Rehabilitation Project Design & Permitting



Parker Mills Pond Dam Removal Design


Subtotal Design/Permit Grants




Construction Grants




Cambridge Reservoir Dam/Hobbs Brook Gatehouse and Outlet Culvert Repairs



Dow Brook Dam and Drain Improvements


Neponset River Land Holding Association

Willett Pond Dam (Norwood) Low Level Outlet Repair


New Bedford

East Rodney French Boulevard Seawall and Fort Taber Pier Repair


Subtotal Construction Grants




Total Awards




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