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Press Release  Healey-Driscoll Administration Swears In Transportation Funding Task Force Members

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Jacquelyn Goddard, Director of Communications, MassDOT

BostonThe Healey-Driscoll Administration today swore in members of the new Transportation Funding Task Force, which is tasked with developing recommendations for a long-term, sustainable transportation finance plan. The recommendations will address the need for a safe, reliable, equitable and efficient transportation network, including roadways, bridges, railways, and bus and transit systems. 

The Task Force, which held its first meeting today after the swearing-in, includes public and private sector leaders and is chaired by Transportation Secretary and CEO Monica Tibbits-Nutt. As outlined in the Governor’s Executive Order, the Task Force will provide a final written report to the Governor detailing their findings and recommendations by the end of 2024. 

“It’s clear that if we are going to grow our economy and meet our climate goals, we need a plan for sustainable, long-term funding for our transportation system. I’m grateful for the leadership of Secretary Tibbits-Nutt and the talented group of public and private sector leaders who are taking on this challenge,” said Governor Maura Healey. “Their recommendations will be critical in informing our administration’s strategy to meet our funding needs and planning for a future in which Massachusetts is once again the leader in transportation.” 

“We have assembled some of the top minds in transportation from across the public and private sectors to help us chart a course for transportation financing in the clean energy era,” said Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll. “How we plan today will determine how we will commute, travel, work and succeed in the future, which is why we need to get this right. We have utmost confidence in our Task Force members, who represent communities from across our state, and we thank them for their service.” 

The Task Force is also comprised of the Secretary of Administration and Finance, who serves as Vice Chair; the General Manager of the MBTA; the Secretaries of the Executive Offices of Economic Development, Labor and Workforce Development, Energy and Environmental Affairs, and Housing and Livable Communities; the Co-Chairs of the Joint Committee on Transportation; the Director of Federal Funds and Infrastructure; the Climate Chief; the Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce; and at least 15 additional members appointed by the Governor. 

“Investments in transportation lift everyone up, and if we want to ensure continued progress, we need a funding blueprint that takes into account our transportation needs, challenges and opportunities over many years,” said Transportation Secretary and CEO Monica Tibbits-Nutt, who serves as Chair of the Task Force. “With this dedicated and diverse team, we will ensure our long-term vision for a safe and equitable transportation network is supported by a long-term plan for financing the necessary work to bring the vision to life.” 

At least one of the 15 Task Force members must represent an organization that supports low-income urban communities that have historically been underserved by transit, and at least one must be employed by such an organization. The task force will also engage diverse stakeholders and residents across the state in the months to come around their work.   

“This is a tremendous opportunity for Massachusetts to envision the type of transportation system it wants and needs and to chart a path forward to finance that system. Our future economic growth will only go as far as our roads, bridges, railways and public transit will take us. Combined with the strategic investments we’ve proposed in the Fiscal Year 2025 budget for transportation, the work of this group and the diverse range of perspectives it brings to the table will be key to putting us on track to build a safe and reliable transportation network that is sustainable long-term for Massachusetts and its residents,” said Administration and Finance Secretary Matthew J. Gorzkowicz, who serves as Vice Chair of the Task Force. 

Since taking office, the Healey-Driscoll Administration has made transportation financing a top priority, providing unprecedented funding to cities and towns for locally needed projects. In 2023, MassDOT awarded over $2 billion in new construction to contracts to repair or improve roads, bridges, sidewalks and more in municipalities. 

"I applaud the Governor and her administration for establishing this task force to be chaired by Secretary Tibbits-Nutt. A sound transportation network is essential to quality of life and economic vitality, so the ability to review and discuss challenging options, bringing them to the forefront, can be the roadmap to support long-term sustainable funding options as we deliver safe, reliable, and equitable public transportation across all modes. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this initiative and contribute to the roadmap for a better transportation network,” said MBTA General Manager Phil Eng.  

In its Fiscal Year 2025 (FY25) budget recommendation, the administration proposed utilizing Fair Share funds to increase funding for roads and bridges, including dedicated road aid for rural communities; implement a low-income fares program at the MBTA; and make a new investment of $250 million in transportation that will leverage $1.1 billion in borrowing over the next five years to tackle long overdue deferred maintenance. This budget recommendation also follows through on Governor Healey’s commitment to propose significant operating funding support for the MBTA and sustain FY24 investments in the state’s 15 Regional Transit Authorities statewide.   

In addition, the Healey-Driscoll Administration has embraced an aggressive approach to competing for federal funding, bringing nearly $3 billion home to Massachusetts. This includes $24 million to rebuild Leonard’s Wharf, $33 million for electric school buses, $108 million to advance West-East Rail, and $372 million to rebuild the Sagamore and Bourne Bridges over the Cape Cod Canal. 

Below are the members of the Transportation Funding Task Force:  

·                Monica Tibbits-Nutt, Transportation Secretary and CEO, Task Force Chair  

·                Matt Gorzkowicz, Administration and Finance Secretary, Task Force Vice Chair  

·                Ed Augustus, Secretary of Housing and Livable Communities  

·                Lauren Jones, Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development   

·                Yvonne Hao, Secretary of Executive Office of Economic Development   

·                Rebecca Tepper, Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs   

·                Melissa Hoffer, Climate Chief   

·                Quentin Palfrey, Director of Federal Funds and Infrastructure 

·                General Manager Phil Eng, MBTA 

·                Brendan Crighton, Senate Chair of Transportation 

·                William Straus, House Chair of Transportation 

·                Jonathan Butler, 1Berkshire Chamber of Commerce 

·                Karen Courtney, AFL-CIO 

·                Rebecca Davis-Carden, Mass Competitive Partnership 

·                Jeita Deng, Harvard Kennedy School 

·                Kate Dineen, A Better City 

·                Linda Dunlavy, Mass Association of RPAs 

·                Melissa Fales, Quaboag Valley CDC 

·                Alejandro Guardiola, Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce 

·                Douglas Howgate, Mass Taxpayers Foundation 

·                Brian Kane, MBTA Advisory Board 

·                Isabel Lopez, Brockton Worker's Alliance 

·                Jeff Mahoney, Construction Industries of Massachusetts 

·                Mayor Mike Nicholson, Mass Municipal Association 

·                Paul Niedzwiecki, Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce 

·                Jason Palitsch, 495/MetroWest Corridor Partnership 

·                Jim Rooney, Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce 

·                Sandra Sheehan, Mass Association of RTAs 

·                Amie Shei, T4MA 

·                Lisa Stiglich, 128 Business Council 

·                Brooke Thomson, Associated Industries of Massachusetts 


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