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Enjoy these recorded livestream events and get tips for hunting, fishing, and viewing wildlife in MA!
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Marion Larson, MassWildlife

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Due to limitations on in-person events this year, MassWildlife is proud to be offering a variety of online programs to keep you informed and entertained. These recorded virtual events are easy to access through Facebook. You don't even need an account! Simply click on the links below and be directed straight to the recording.

Don't miss out on future events! Follow MassWildlife on Facebook and Instagram to stay connected. Have an idea for a program you'd like to see? Send us a message and let us know!

Learn about wildlife

All About Owls

Curious about owls? MassWildlife Ornithologist Andrew Vitz, and owl experts Marcia and Mark Wilson introduce you to live owls, give tips for viewing and hearing owls in the wild, and discuss owl research in Massachusetts.

How to Get Started Birding

Want to learn about birdwatching? MassWildlife Ornithologist Andrew Vitz, Chief of Information and Education Marion Larson, and Technician Josh Gahagan cover how to identify the birds you can see in your own backyard and what equipment they recommend to see the best of the birds. MassWildlife staff also reveal their favorite places to go birding in Massachusetts.

Endangered Species Day

To celebrate Endangered Species Day on May 15th a panel of staff from MassWildlife's Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program shared their job roles and conservation efforts to help the rare species of Massachusetts.

Learn about hunting and fishing

Where to Hunt in MA

Are you a new hunter and unsure of where to go, or just looking for a new spot? MassWildlife staff demo online mapping tools to help you identify hunting locations, give scouting tips, and answer questions.

Fall Trout Fishing Tips

MassWildlife Hatchery Manager Caleb Slater, Assistant Director of Fisheries Todd Richards, and Angler Education Coordinator Jim Lagacy talk all things trout in Massachusetts! They give important updates about fall trout stocking, show you how to find trout stocked waters near you, and offer fall trout fishing tips.

Finding Bass in Mass

Professional bass angler Gene Ellison joins MassWildlife staff and divulges some of his best tips for finding and catching bass. Jason Stolarski, MassWildlife Watershed Project Leader, talks about how he catches and studies bass and other fish in lakes and ponds across Massachusetts with fisheries sampling gear. Todd Richards, MassWildlife Assistant Director of Fisheries, demos some great online tools to help you find bass on your own.

Family Fishing Tips

Wondering what the right age is to introduce your kids to fishing, what bait you should use, or where to go? We've got you covered! MassWildlife's Angler Education Coordinator Jim Lagacy and Communications Coordinator Emily Stolarski chat about tips and tricks for fishing with kids.

Media Contact for Learn about wildlife virtually anywhere

Division of Fisheries and Wildlife 

MassWildlife is responsible for the conservation of freshwater fish and wildlife in the Commonwealth, including endangered plants and animals. MassWildlife restores, protects, and manages land for wildlife to thrive and for people to enjoy.

MassWildlife's Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program 

The Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program is responsible for the conservation and protection of hundreds of species that are not hunted, fished, trapped, or commercially harvested in the state, as well as the protection of the natural communities that make up their habitats.