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Press Release  Massachusetts Creating New Opportunities for Vendors Through Reopening of Statewide Contracts

Notice of Intent Follows Through on Pledge Made by Governor
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Matthew Murphy, Chief External Affairs

BostonToday, the Executive Office for Administration and Finance announced the reopening of four Tradespersons Statewide Contracts with the goal of providing greater opportunity to diverse and small businesses and expanding options for state agencies and cities and towns.

The Operational Services Division (OSD), the State Purchasing Agent, and the Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) are working together to uphold the Administration’s commitment to equity by creating opportunities for local businesses to sell their goods and services to the state and its municipalities.

“Reopening contracts for people in the trades creates a path for diverse and small businesses to compete for the state's business. We look forward to sharing additional contracting opportunities over the next fiscal year,” said Governor Maura Healey.

“We know how small, local businesses strengthen our communities and we, as an administration, are invested in their success,” said Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll. “This step will open the door for opportunities to work with the state and expand our network of businesses.” 

The Operational Services Division last week posted Notices of Intent to reopen the Tradespersons Statewide Contracts in the Commonwealth’s procurement platform, COMMBUYS. The Commonwealth offers 29 Trades service categories across four Tradespersons Contracts. TRD01 and TRD03 will reopen in May 2024, and TRD02 and TRD04 will reopen in late summer/ early fall 2024.

The specific trades involved in the first round of bidding include: Boilers; Drains; Electrical; Fencing; General Contracting; Generator/Turbine; Glass/Window/Doors; HVAC/Sheet Metal; Painting; Plumbing, Solar Array Inspection; Elevator; Exhaust Services; Fire Detection; Fire Suppression; Overhead Doors; Signage; and Welding.

“We are proud to be able to take this step and create meaningful opportunity to contract with the state for many small and diverse-owned businesses that previously may not have been able to see their way into this work,” said Secretary of Administration and Finance Matthew J. Gorzkowicz. “I look forward to working with our partners inside and outside of state government, as well as with the new Diverse and Small Business Advisory Board to find additional opportunities to grow our networks.”

“OSD looks forward to expanding the vendor pools for our Tradespersons Statewide Contracts. The reopening of these contracts will bolster our coverage across the state and provide opportunities for trades businesses to work with the state and local governments,” said Gary Lambert, assistant secretary for Operational Services.

OSD serves both business and government customers through a variety of services and programs that include managing the state fleet of vehicles and the COMMBUYS Procurement platform, setting the tuition prices for approved Private Special Education Programs, and management and oversight of procurements for goods and services. Through the direct management of more than 100 statewide contracts, OSD oversaw $2.17 billion in state purchasing in Fiscal Year 2023.

Governor Healey originally announced the state’s intent to reopen Statewide Contracts during her remarks at the Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial Breakfast held in January. At the event, Governor Healey said Statewide Contracts would be reopened to broaden diverse and small businesses’ access to state contracting opportunities. The reopening of the Tradespersons Statewide Contracts represents the second category of Statewide Contracts reopened by the OSD this year: in January, a climate-focused Professional Services Statewide Contract was reopened and OSD is currently evaluating bid responses. 

The SDO promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in state contracting for businesses owned by minorities, women, veterans, service-disabled veterans, those with a disability, and LGBT individuals, as well as small Massachusetts businesses. The SDO certifies these businesses and manages several programs that help them enhance their marketability. Together, OSD and SDO will be conducting regular reviews of Statewide Contracts to find more opportunities to include new diverse businesses.

“Skilled and qualified tradespersons are in great demand by government entities across the Commonwealth. The Supplier Diversity Office encourages all interested certified, diverse, and registered small businesses to consider bidding on these contracting opportunities,” said Bill McAvoy, Executive Director of the Supplier Diversity Office.

Visit this site to learn more information related to the reopening of the Tradespersons Statewide Contracts. Visit this website to learn more about the Operational Services Division’s program and services.

Visit the SDO’s website to learn about becoming SDO certified as a diverse and/or small business and to find related resources.


Media Contact   for Massachusetts Creating New Opportunities for Vendors Through Reopening of Statewide Contracts

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