News MassDOT Releases the Wellington Circle Study Final Report

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Medford The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is announcing the release of the Wellington Circle Study final report.

The Wellington Circle Study developed and analyzed alternatives that could improve connectivity and mobility throughout the area for the City of Medford and the surrounding region. The study examined vehicular, transit, bicycle, pedestrian, and land use, and considered cost, and resulting economic, social, and cultural impacts.

Situated at the intersection of Massachusetts Routes 16 and 28, Wellington Circle is a crucial transportation link through Medford, as well as the wider region. The intersection connects adjacent communities including Malden, Everett, and Somerville to each other, to the Wellington MBTA Station, and to regional routes such as Interstate 93 and Route 1.

There were four overarching goals for the study:

• Safety: Improve safety conditions for all transportation modes and users in the Wellington Circle area.

• Connectivity: Improve local and regional connectivity to support businesses and future development.

• Mobility/Access: Improve mobility and access for all transportation modes and users in the Wellington Circle area.

• Quality of Life: Improve quality of life for residents in the Wellington Circle area.

Public participation was critical in refining the study’s goals and objectives, evaluation criteria, and the alternatives development process. The public involvement process included six meetings with the stakeholder Working Group, consisting of federal, state, regional, and local representatives, and three public information meetings. The study assessed existing conditions at the Circle to understand issues and identify opportunities that could be leveraged in the redesign of the Circle.

For more information on how to review the final report, please visit the Wellington Circle Study website at

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