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News MSRB May 2021 Retiree eNews Bulletin

  • Massachusetts State Retirement Board

Featured articles include:

  • Massachusetts Senate Includes Retiree COLA in FY 2022 Budget Proposal
  • State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg's Office Awards Over $1.8 Million in Veteran Bonuses Throughout 2020
  • Office of Economic Empowerment Partners with Money Experience to Offer Free Financial Literacy Courses to Community Colleges
  • May is Older Americans Month
  • Pension Fund Hits Record Breaking High
  • Healthy Habits to Potentially Slow Aging
  • Real ID Enforcement Extended to May 3, 2023

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Massachusetts State Retirement Board 

The MSRB administers the Massachusetts State Employees' Retirement System (MSERS) for state employees and certain other employees of public entities. The MSERS is a contributory defined benefit system governed by Massachusetts General Law Chapter 32. The system provides retirement, disability, survivor, and death benefits to its members and their beneficiaries.