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News New Variance Application - Starting May, 15, 2018 older versions will no longer be accepted

  • Architectural Access Board

After more than a year in development, the Architectural Access Board is pleased to announce the roll out of a new version of our Variance Application.  The application has been redesigned to provide with Board with crucial additional information and increase the ease of use for filers.

Both the general and sidewalk versions of the new application can be found on our website.

Starting May 15, 2018 the Board will no longer accept older versions of the variance application. 

If the revision date on the bottom right of each page of the application is not 3/2018 or later your application will be returned to you via mail with a short cover letter and a copy of the new application.

Architectural Access Board 

The Architectural Access Board (AAB) develops and enforce regulations designed to make public buildings accessible to, functional for, and safe for use by persons with disabilities.