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Press Release Norfolk Juvenile Probation hosts Mothers Program Commencement

Norfolk Juvenile Probation’s MPower (MOMPower) Program will host a commencement ceremony today, Wednesday, May 10th, to celebrate the completion of this 11-week parenting skills program by six mothers in their early 20's to late 50's.
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Massachusetts — Norfolk Juvenile Probation’s MPower (MOMPower) Program, an 11-week parenting skills initiative, will host a commencement ceremony today, Wednesday, May 10th, to celebrate the completion of this 11-week parenting skills program by six mothers in their early 20’s to late 50’s. The celebration is 5:30 p.m. at Norfolk County Juvenile Court, 55 Allied Drive in Dedham.

MPower participants are subjects of care and protection cases—when abuse and/or neglect of a child is alleged. More than half of the mothers, who have participated in this program since it was established in 2012, have been reunified with their children, according to Assistant Chief Probation Officer Teresa Plante who together with Probation Officer Tracey Clougher established MPower.  As part of the program, mothers attend workshops on nutrition, healthy relationships, child discipline and development, child trauma, substance abuse, and organizational skills.

“We are really proud of the program and the progress the mothers have made. The mothers in this group have learned important parenting skills and are one step closer to getting their children back. The relationship between mother and child is often key in the child’s development and who this child becomes as an adult,” Plante said.

“Programs like MPower are among the many parenting programs the Massachusetts Probation Service (MPS) offers for offenders. We have found that participation in this type of programming has provided the necessary skills to help reunite families as well as reduce recidivism among offenders,” said Probation Commissioner Edward J. Dolan.


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