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Press Release Pamerson Ifill is named Deputy Commissioner of the new Pre-Trial Services Division

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Coria Holland, Communications Director

MassachusettsPamerson Ifill has been named Deputy Commissioner of Pre-Trial Services, a new statewide division of the Massachusetts Probation Service.

Ifill, a 25-year employee, will oversee the management of the Pre-Trial Division. As Deputy, he will be responsible for the development and implementation of policies, procedures, and training of the Pre-Trial Service Unit. In addition to the oversight of Pre-trial Services, Ifill will be responsible for the development of programs. An individual arraigned on an offense or who receives a disposition may be sentenced to Pre-Trial Probation and placed under supervision pending a case.

“Mr. Ifill has extensive knowledge and experience in Probation specifically and in criminal justice, generally. Pretrial Services is a significant and developing piece of business for the Massachusetts Probation Service and Pamerson's leadership will be key to that development. He brings a key understanding of both the public safety side of this work as well as a compassion for and understanding of those that we serve, their families and their communities,” said Probation Commissioner Edward J. Dolan.

Pamerson Ifill
Pamerson Ifill

“I am honored to be named the Deputy Commissioner of Pre-Trial Services and I want to thank Commissioner Edward Dolan and First Deputy Commissioner Dianne Fasano for this great opportunity. I am looking forward to launching this new department within MPS. Pre-Trial Services will have a significant impact on the way we in Probation implement and develop this important work which will be essential to how we deliver justice in the Commonwealth,” Ifill said.

Prior to being appointed Deputy Commissioner, Ifill was the Regional Supervisor for Region One which included Barnstable, the Cape and the Islands, Bristol, and Plymouth counties. He was Chief Probation Officer at Suffolk Superior Court from 2011 to 2014 and Regional Program Manager at the Office of Community Corrections, a position he began in 1998 and held until 2011. He first joined the Service in 1993 as a Juvenile Court Probation Officer in Barnstable.

In addition to his work, Ifill is credited with being the “architect” of the Massachusetts Trial Court’s Cultural Proficiency efforts including the introduction of Cultural Proficiency Champions, volunteers who attend trainings to learn how to help individuals in underserved communities navigate the court system. There is a Champion in most every court and Community Corrections Center across the Commonwealth. Ifill also helped launch the Trial Court’s first Cultural Appreciation Day which Trial Court Chief Justice Paula Carey extended to a week-long celebration after the success of the day-long event. More than 80 courts and Community Corrections Centers held public and private events that celebrate culture, race, and gender diversity, inclusion, and equity in the courts and communities the courts serve.

Ifill earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Stonehill College where he majored in Political Science. He holds a Master’s Degree in Management of Human Services from Brandeis University’s Florence Heller Graduate School.


Media Contact for Pamerson Ifill is named Deputy Commissioner of the new Pre-Trial Services Division

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