News Personal Income Tax Payments Submitted by Paper Check at the Deadline

  • Massachusetts Department of Revenue

Although many taxpayers are anticipating refunds from Personal Income Tax returns filed at the tax deadline, others may be waiting for their check to be cashed. Since April 9th, over 200,000 Personal Income Tax checks have been delivered to the Department of Revenue, and timely payments (postmarked by April 18th) are still arriving from the Post Office. And that doesn’t include all of the 1st quarter 2018 estimated tax payments which go directly to the bank for processing. Before April 9th, most checks were being cashed within a day or two but it will take us more than a few days to open 200,000 plus envelopes and process the enclosed payments. If your check hasn’t been cashed by May 7th, give us a call and based on your specific situation, we’ll be able to advise you what to do next. Keep in mind that any mail sent with a return receipt requested takes longer to be delivered from the Post Office to DOR and any check that is not signed, is incorrectly made out or does not have the appropriate document with it (a tax return or a Form PV, Income Tax Payment Voucher) will also be delayed. 

Final thought – next year, send your payment a little bit earlier to avoid the last minute crunch or even better, pay electronically.  Whether making a payment through our MassTaxConnect system or with your electronically filed tax return, you can schedule the withdrawal date that works best for you. 

Massachusetts Department of Revenue  

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