News Recall Round-Up: May 2022

Each month OCABR releases a recall roundup of the top recall notices affecting consumers in the Commonwealth.
  • Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation
May Recall Graphic

Last month, May gave us 85-degree days and extended daylight to spend more of our days outside. If you plan on spending more time outside and traveling this summer, plan on how you will get around. The Office of Consumer Affairs and Business regulations May recall round-up list consists of recalled vehicles, so you can be prepared when hitting the road this upcoming season. Click the links below read more about the highlighted ten vehicle recalls: 

  1. Santa Cruz Bicycles recalls Heckler 9 electric bikes
  2. Alliance RV recalls Valor, Avenue, and Paradigm recreational trailers
  3. Tesla recalls the model year 2018-2022 Model 3 Performance vehicles 
  4. Hyundai recalls 239,000 cars for exploding seat belt parts
  5. Ford recalls model year 2021 Mustang Mach-Es with all-wheel drive
  6. GM recalls Chevrolet Traverse and Buick Enclave vehicles
  7. Land Rover recalls Range Rover and Range Rover Sport vehicles
  8. FUV, Rapid Responder, Deliverator, and Roadster motorcycles recalled
  9. Ford recalls model year 2022 F-150 pickup trucks  
  10. Michelin recalls Pilot Sport 4 ZP tires 

Stay tuned for OCABRS’s recall round-up coming out next month. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get updated on the lasted recalls. 


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