News Recall Roundup: October 2022

Each month OCABR releases a recall roundup of the top recall notices affecting consumers in the Commonwealth.
  • Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation

Recall Roundup (Sept. 29 – Oct. 12)   

OCABR has prepared a roundup of recalls relevant to Massachusetts consumers. It is important to stay in the know of recent product recalls to ensure you are keeping you and your family safe by returning defective or potentially dangerous consumer goods. 

Auto Vehicle Recalls: 

Food Item Recalls:

 Consumer Product Recalls:

How to Stay up to Date on recent recalls based on various industries:

  • Motor Vehicles – National Highway Traffic Safety Authority – 
  • Consumer Products – Consumer Product Safety Commission – 
  • Food – U.S. Department of Health and Human Services –   
  • Aggregated Recalls – 
  • Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation 

    The Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation protects and empowers consumers through advocacy and education, and ensures a fair playing field for the Massachusetts businesses its agencies regulate.
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