News Superior Court policy statement Re: newer attorneys

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In our current Superior Court docket, fewer cases go to trial than in the past, thereby reducing the opportunities for less experienced counsel to have an active role in a courtroom -- whether to argue a motion before a judge or to address a jury at trial -- future generations of litigators will be less equipped to represent their clients effectively and to advance in their profession.

We acknowledge the guidance of the American Bar Association, which urges courts to implement plans that create opportunities for new lawyers to gain meaningful courtroom experience.  American Bar Association, House of Delegates Resolution 116 (August 2017).

The Superior Court therefore encourages lawyers with cases filed in our civil docket to take affirmative steps to promote the participation of less senior lawyers in courtroom proceedings.  Those affirmative steps could include, but are not limited to, encouraging participation of relatively inexperienced attorneys in initial scheduling conferences, status conferences, hearings on discovery and dispositive motions, and examination of a witness at trial.  


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