News  Worcester Juvenile Probation employee is guest of honor at her own special ceremony on Adoption Day

Worcester Juvenile Probation employee is guest of honor at her own Adoption Day ceremony years later.
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Coria Holland, Communications Director

Worcester Juvenile Probation staff celebrate Michaela Wakefield, a recently hired Associate Probation Officer at the court, on Adoption Day

Pictured above: 

First row, left to right: Chief Probation Officer Kimberly Lawrence, Asst. Chief Probation Officer Fiona Bycroft-Ryder, Assc. Probation Officer Michaela Wakefield, Michaela’s mom, Probation Case Specialist Jennifer Holstrom

Second row, left to right: Asst. Chief Probation Officer Alouneny Le, Assc. Probation Officer Philomina Quaye, Assc. Probation Officer Margarita Santiago, Michaela’s grandmother, Probation Operations Supervisor Christina Sanchez, Assc. Probation Officer Kemesha Samuels

Third row, left to right: Asst. Chief Probation Officer Kim Zona, Probation Officer Kelly Sporer, Probation Officer Candy Leahy, First Asst. Chief Probation Officer Michael Candito


As hundreds of families celebrated National Adoption Day recently across the state, a Worcester Juvenile Probation employee was the guest of honor at her own special ceremony years after she was formally adopted. 

Worcester Juvenile Chief Probation Officer Kimberly Lawrence arranged for the entire staff to attend and Worcester Juvenile Court Judge Steven Bolivar presided over the adoption ceremony for Michaela Wakefield, a recently hired Associate Probation Officer at the court, when Ms. Wakefield informed Chief Lawrence that she had been adopted at the court in 2001 when she was one years old. 

Michaela Wakefield with court staff

"Michaela was really overwhelmed by the amazing celebrations now hosted by the Juvenile Court since National Adoption Day was established. She was touched by every one of them and spoke with our Judge Steven Bolivar about how her adoption was so much less ceremonial. Judge Bolivar then offered to hold a symbolic adoption ceremony for Michaela and her family," said Chief Lawrence.

According to Chief Lawrence, Ms. Wakefield called her mother, Michelle, and grandmother, Cheryl, who traveled to the court for a 12:30 pm ceremony.

"The clerk printed a new decree. The Judge then held a wonderful, emotional ceremony for our employee, with this entire probation department in attendance. I have to say it was a full-circle moment for all of us, knowing that an infant once adopted in our court, is now an employee who had the benefit of participating in this wonderful event in her home court. It was such a great moment for Juvenile Court." 

“It was an absolute honor to participate in the first, unique adoption reaffirmation ceremony that Worcester Juvenile Court has held. I am touched that Hon. Judge Bolivar and Chief Lawrence were willing and able to do this. It was so thoughtful, and it warmed my heart that my fellow colleagues, both from the juvenile probation and juvenile clerk’s office were in attendance,” said Ms. Wakefield.

Quote on whiteboard, "I was chosen, I was wanted, I was cherished, I grew in their hearts, I was the missing piece, I was loved, I was adopted."

She added, “When I was growing up, adoption was a very personal thing that not a lot of children or families talked about openly. I am so happy to see that in more recent years, adoption has become something that is celebrated openly and lovingly, something that my family has always instilled. Although I have always had a conscious commitment to public service, this adoption reaffirmation event has 100 percent solidified my commitment to working for the Massachusetts Probation Service (MPS) and Worcester Juvenile Probation specifically. Thank you to everyone in attendance, to my family and my extended family, and a special thank you to Judge Bolivar and Chief Lawrence.”

Media Contact   for Worcester Juvenile Probation employee is guest of honor at her own special ceremony on Adoption Day

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