Nutrition Program for Seniors

Services include nourishing meals, screening, education, and counseling, to help older people have healthy nutrition status. Meals are at congregate meal sites and through home-delivered meals to people 60+.

The Nutrition Program consists of 27 programs that serve over 9.1 million meals to seniors each year. More than 400 congregate meal sites serve meals. Meals are also delivered to elders in their homes.

The program offers healthy meals, screenings, education, and counseling. Sites may also provide transportation and recreation. Supper and weekend meals are also available in some areas as well as special ethnic meals. We offer nutrition assessments and counseling to seniors who are at nutritional risk.

The goal of the program is to provide at least one daily balanced meal to seniors. People age 60 or older and their spouses are eligible to receive nutrition services. The program helps elders maintain independence so they can continue to live in their homes.

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