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Regulating and Insuring Short-term Rentals FAQs 

2/28/2019 Division of Local Services


Budget and Tax Rate Planning Tool 

7/03/2018 Division of Local Services

DLS releases a new Excel-based Budget Analysis Recap tool to assist cities, towns and district with tax rate planning.


FY2019 Centrally Valued Utilities - Telephones and Pipelines Values Released 

6/13/2018 Division of Local Services

Bureau of Local Assessment releases FY2019 assessed values and new growth for centrally valued telephone and pipelines companies.


Final 2018 Equalized Valuations (EQVs) 

5/30/2018 Division of Local Services

The Bureau of Local Assessment has completed the 2018 proposed Equalized Valuation (EQV) Program, representing the full and fair cash value of all taxable property for each municipality as of January 1, 2018.


Local Government Workforce Skills Gap Taskforce 

5/16/2018 Division of Local Services

The working group is a collaborative effort between the Commonwealth, municipalities, professional associations and higher education to address one of the more pressing issues facing cities and towns, the loss of skilled and dedicated professionals.


Commissioner Harding Announces Municipal Finance Trend Dashboard 

5/07/2018 Division of Local Services

Commissioner Harding announces the Municipal Finance Trend Dashboard and explains that value and use of the dashboard.


Municipal Finance Trend Dashboard 

1/22/2018 Division of Local Services

For the first time, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is offering a comprehensive Municipal Finance Trend Dashboard now available on the Division of Local Services (DLS) website.