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Brian Glenny

1st Assistant District Attorney

Brian S. Glenny is a Cape & Islands District Attorney’s Office 1st Assistant District Attorney. He has been with the office since 1987. He served as 2nd Assistant District Attorney under District Attorney Philip Rollins and was appointed to 1st Assistant in 2003 by District Attorney Michael O’Keefe. Mr. Glenny has prosecuted hundreds of cases, including murder, rape, child sexual and physical abuse, and home invasions from Barnstable, Dukes and Nantucket Counties. He successfully prosecuted the Cape & Islands’ first crack cocaine case; first shaken baby case; and first Sexually Dangerous Persons trial. In 2004 Mr. Glenny was made Chief of the Massachusetts Pilot Sex Offender Management Unit. He has spoken at child abuse conferences nationwide. He has done training for the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners’ (SANE) Program, in-service training for local police departments and statewide training for new Assistant District Attorneys. Mr. Glenny is the Chairperson of the Cape & Islands Child Fatality Review Team, and served as the chairperson of the Children’s Cove, the Cape & Islands Child Advocacy Center. Mr. Glenny led the Cape & Islands District Attorney’s Office’s investigations into the Catholic priests sexual abuse and the Hinton and Amherst Crime Lab investigations. He is a graduate of Lunenburg High School, Clark University and Western New England College of Law. In 2001 Mr. Glenny was honored with the Massachusetts District Attorneys’ Association William C. O’Malley Prosecutor of the Year Award.

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