Stephen Andrews

Director of Real Estate

As Director of the Office of Real Estate (ORE), Stephen Andrews is responsible for leading teams in acquisition, disposition, leasing and redevelopment of the Commonwealth real estate assets to leverage economic opportunities, public policy goals and generate new tax revenues. Stephen has over 25 years of experience starting as ORE’s Operation Manager progressing to Deputy Director and now Director.  

Andrews lead teams through numerous Commonwealth programs and initiatives: Highway Rest Area Redevelopments, State Hospital Campus Redevelopments, Auction Program, Public Private Partnerships and the Municipality Sale Partnership Model. For over two decades, he has worked with private sector redevelopment firms, City and Town Officials, Citizens Advisory Committees on redevelopment scenarios, zoning impact, reuse analysis, consensus building, Mass Historical requirements, Article 97 conservation projects and legislative enactment to move projects from disposition to conveyance. Mr. Andrews oversaw the Commonwealth’s first $41 million - Auction Program disposing of 48 properties (in three years) through an accelerated process; his team obtained the Pioneer Institute - Better Government Competition Award for Program Innovation.  

Andrews’ and his team also work with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Open for Business Initiative to maximize the use of Commonwealth real estate assets through public-private partnerships, repurposing of land adjacent to state functions (still in use), and other creative approaches to the sale and redevelopment of state assets. The Office oversees one of the largest real estate portfolios in the Commonwealth and handles hundreds of different real estate projects in communities throughout the state.

Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance  

DCAMM is responsible for capital planning, public building construction, facilities management, and real estate services for the Commonwealth. 

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