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COVID-19 Licenses - Board of Registration in Pharmacy 

Due to the state of emergency, Governor Baker and Commissioner Bharel have issued the following orders that may affect your licensing:

Apply for a Pharmacy Technician License 

Apply for a pharmacist technician license using the Professional Credential Services (PCS) web portal. This is not the application for pharmacists or pharmacy interns.

Renew your pharmacy technician license 

Do you need to renew your pharmacist technician license? You can do it online right here.

Check a health profession license 

You can check the status of a health profession license, permit, certification, or Massachusetts Controlled Substances Registration (MCSR) online.

Apply for a pharmacy technician license by reciprocity 

If you received a pharmacy technician license in another state, you may be able to transfer your license to MA.

Request a name change, address change, and/or a duplicate license 

If you are a pharmacist, pharmacy technician, pharmacy intern, or pharmacy facility, you can use these steps to request a name change, address change, and/or a duplicate license.

Petition for license reactivation 

If your Pharmacist or Pharmacy Technician license has been expired beyond 1 renewal cycle (more than 2 years after expiration date), you can petition to have it reactivated. This doesn't apply to licenses that have been suspended or revoked by the Board.

Petition for license reinstatement 

After a license surrender, suspension, revocation, or rescission, you can petition to have your license reinstated.

Pharmacy technician in training application 

Apply here to become licensed as a pharmacy technician in training.

Request a Certified Statement of Licensure from a Health Profession Board of Registration 

You may need a certified statement of licensure from one of the health profession Boards of Registration to obtain licensure in another state.