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Policy Statement  Chemical Cleaning Dispensers

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Chemical Cleaning Dispensers

Board Policy
Chemical Cleaning Dispensers
Enacted May, 27, 2009

The Board of State Examiners of Plumbers and Gas Fitters on May 27, 2009 at its regularly scheduled meeting voted to allow the installation of “Chemical Dispensers” with the following conditions:

1. These dispensers shall be installed by a Massachusetts licensed Plumber.

2. The installation shall be hard piped using product approved materials.

3. The Public Water Supplier shall be contacted regarding the proper backflow prevention device to be installed.

4. The “TEXT” contained in the above conditions (1 through 3) must be inserted in the manufacturer’s installation instruction manual.

(enacted 09-01-2010)
(amended 12-21-2011)

NOTICE: Chemical Cleaning Dispensers incorporating the Alternative Hose Connection, approved by the Board shall not require a permit and may be installed by an unlicensed person.


The Board of State Examiners of Plumbers and Gas Fitters voted to allow a water hose connection as an alternative to the hard plumbing requirement for Chemical Dispensing Systems installed in the Commonwealth provided the dispensers meet the following requirements.

1. All dispensers shall have an Air Gap or, an alternative Certification of Listing under the ASSE 1055B Standard.

2. Dispensers shall include a dual check valve with an atmospheric vent device installed at the water inlet as a secondary backflow protection. If an external and open to the environment air gas separation is provided, a dual check valve with intermediate atmospheric vent will not be required.

3. A pressure bleeder device shall be provided which will visually free flow water through the atmosphere from the faucet connection to a sink or drain. The purpose of the bleeder device is to indicate that the water is running and should be shut off to prevent hot water migration. The bleeder device shall connect to the water source utilizing a quick disconnect coupling.

4. All external components will be permanently installed on the dispenser by the manufacturer and be ready for installation and use. External components include the dual check valve with atmospheric vent, hose and the pressure bleeder device.


The Board voted to approve the above with the following language Changes to # 5

The Device that attaches to the Faucet shall be so arranged, so it is one piece that will not allow the removal of the bleeder from the Quick disconnect portion of this device.

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