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Policy Statement  EOHHS Accessibility Policy

Date: 07/01/2006
Organization: Executive Office of Health and Human Services
Referenced Sources: IT Accessibility Laws and Policies

Thank you for visiting the web site for the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS). We appreciate that many visitors are concerned about accessibility to their digital government and we pledge that the EOHHS is committed to achieving meaningful accessibility to this online environment. This portal has been designed to offer Massachusetts' citizens easy and efficient access to state government resources and services. In addition, reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate all users who utilize standards compliant web browsers, as well as enabling software or assistive technology.

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EOHHS Site Pages Accessibility Policy

Standards for Compliance

Extensive effort is made to adhere to the Federal Section 508 Standards requirements set forth in the Rehabilitation Act that was amended in 1998. Refreshed in January 2017, these standards were created to help eliminate barriers in information technology, make new opportunities available for people with disabilities and encourage the development of technologies that help achieve these goals. For more information about these standards please visit the Section 508 section on the Federal Access Board web site (https://www.access-board.gov/guidelines-and-standards/communications-and-it/about-the-ict-refresh)

In addition, this web site strives to comply with the Massachusetts Web Accessibility Standards developed by the Massachusetts Information Technology Division (ITD) to ensure that all Massachusetts Agency web pages are accessible for all users. These standards are based primarily on Federal Section 508 Standards with some elements from the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and have been actively incorporated throughout this web site.

Downloadable Files

Some of the documents found on this web site are produced as downloadable files in such formats as PDF or PPT.  Efforts have been made to provide accessible, screen-readable versions for each of these downloads.

If you are unable to view any of the downloadable files on this web site, efforts will be made to provide you with a copy of this material in an alternate format. We also welcome your questions about the web site's accessibility policy and comments on how to improve the site's accessibility. Simply contact us on this Portal to make your request.

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