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Policy Statement

Policy Statement Secondary Roof Drainage Systems

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Secondary Roof Drainage Systems

(enacted 05-04-2011)

248 CMR 10.02: Basic Principle No. 7, states:

Principle No. 7 -- Drainage System of Adequate Size

The plumbing drainage system must be installed, designed, arranged, constructed, and maintained to protect against fouling, deposit of solids, and stoppages.  The drainage system shall incorporate adequate cleanouts placed in a manner that the drainage system may be readily cleaned.

When installing a secondary roof drainage system, a licensed plumber must adhere to the following provisions issued by the Board; otherwise the system will not adhere to the above referenced principle.


When a secondary roof drainage system is, installed, it shall discharge independent of the primary building storm system and shall terminate a minimum of 18” above grade in an area that will be visible to the people who occupy the building. This system shall be compliant with all federal, state and local codes.