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Provider Qualification Process

Each year all state agencies within the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) are responsible for qualifying provider organizations with whom they contract for human services.

Often, provider organizations render services to multiple EOHHS state agencies; however, the provider organization is qualified by only one agency, known as the Principal Purchasing Agency (PPA). This agency provides the most Purchase of Service (POS) funding to a specific provider during the fiscal year. As the PPA, this state agency is required to qualify their provider organizations annually.The Provider Qualification review process is performed for the following reasons: a) to minimize financial and administrative risk to the Commonwealth and the people served through the POS system and b) to promote familiarization and enforce compliance with applicable state and federal regulations. <br><br>

EOHHS established a POS Integrity Unit that oversees the Provider Qualification (PQ) Process. This unit coordinates the annual qualification of approximately 1,200 POS providers by fifteen EOHHS agencies. This is accomplished through standardized Provider Qualification and Audit Resolution Policies and Procedures and the monitoring of this PQ information on a monthly basis through various summary reports for management purposes.<br><br>

<a href="">Provider Qualification and Audit Resolution Policies and Procedures Reference Guides</a>
This document serves as a reference guide for EOHHS agencies when completing a provider's annual qualification.<br><br>

<a href="">EOHHS Provider Qualification - Agency Contacts/Liaisons</a>
If you have any questions regarding the Provider Qualification Process, please use this directory to contact the appropriate Liaison.