Regulation 14 CMR 188.00: An Act to Promote Energy Diversity

This is an unofficial version of Commonwealth regulations and is posted here for the convenience of the public. It is not an official statement of the regulations.

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The Panel shall serve in an advisory capacity only and shall not have authority to direct decommissioning of the PNPS. The duties of the panel shall be:  (1) to commence public meetings beginning on or about June 1, 2017, at a frequency of quarterly until the shutdown of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station (PNPS) for the purpose of discussing issues related to decommissioning planning activities; (2) to hold a minimum of four public meetings each year for the purpose of discussing issues relating to the progress of decommissioning of the PNPS beginning on or about June 1, 2019, or when the PNPS permanently ceases power operations; provided that the panel may hold additional meetings; (3) to advise the governor, the general court, the agencies of the commonwealth, and the public on issues related to the decommissioning of the PNPS, with a written report being provided annually to the governor and to the energy committees of the General Court; (4) to serve as a conduit for public information and education on and to encourage community involvement in matters related to the decommissioning of the PNPS and to receive written reports and presentations on the decommissioning of the Station at its regular meetings; (5) to periodically receive reports on the Decommissioning Trust Fund and other funds associated with decommissioning of the PNPS, including fund balances, expenditures made, and reimbursements received; (6) to receive reports regarding the decommissioning plans for the PNPS, including any site assessments and post-shutdown decommissioning assessment reports; provide a forum for receiving public comment on these plans and reports; and to provide comment on these plans and reports as the panel may consider appropriate to state agencies and the owner of the PNPS and in the annual report described in clause (3). 

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