2006 WIA policy issuances

2006 WIA policy issuances

2006 policy issuances

Mandatory Domestic Violence E-Learning Module  

Issuance #06-81   Issued: 12/12/2006

WIA Funds as Funds of Last Resort  

Issuance #06-76   Issued: 11/22/2006

Password Policy for Department of Workforce Development Network System Users  

Issuance #06-70   Issued: 11/07/2006
DWD Password Policy  

Workplace 'Right to Know' Notice  

Issuance #06-61   Issued: 09/15/2006
06-61A: Right To Know Workplace Notice  
06-61B: It's The Law Notice  


Salary and Bonus Limitations Related to ETA Appropriated Funds  

Issuance #06-57   Issued: 08/25/2006

06-57A: TEGL #5-06; Implementing the Salary & Bonus Limitations in Public Law #109-234  


Rapid Response Set - Aside Funding Proposal and Review Process, Revised  

Issuance #06-47   Issued: 07/31/2006

Serving Participants under the Trade Adjustment Act Program  

Issuance #06-45   Issued: 07/25/2006

06-45A: Training & Employment Guidance Letter #13-05  
06-45B: Notification of Rights and Promise of Compliance Form  

Approval Policy for Distance Training Under the Trade Adjustment  

Issuance #06-16   Issued: 03/15/2006

06-169A: Employment and Training Guidance Letter #7-00  

Training Eligibility Criteria for Employed Dislocated Workers Served with WIA Title I Funds, Including Rapid Response and National Emergency Grant Funds  

Issuance #06-10   Issued: 02/23/2006

New Petitions Forms for Trade Adjustment Assistance and Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance Certification Process  

Issuance #06-09   Issued: 07/23/2006

06-09A: Instructions for Completing the Petition - English  
06-09B: Instructions for Completing the Petition - Spanish  
06-09C: Detailed Petition Filing Instructions Desk Aid  

Network Security Protocol  

Issuance #06-07   Issued: 02/10/2006
Q & A: Question-Answer  




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