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A-133 Reporting

Download and complete the current fiscal year reporting form. Required for non-profit organizations and local governments.

A-133 Reporting Forms

The A-133 Reporting Forms are required of all non-profit organizations and local government that have received federal funding through the Office of Grants and Research (OGR). State entities should not complete this form. 

The A-133 asks recipients of federal funding administered through OGR to declare:

1. If the organization spent more than $750,000 in federal funds in a given fiscal year and are therefore required to have an audit of those funds;

2. If the audit identified any findings pertaining to federal funds administered by OGR.

The $750,000 spending threshold applies to Fiscal Year 2020 spending of ALL federal funds from ALL sources including those received by your organization through any Massachusetts state agency or those received directly from the federal government. This federal reporting requirement is referenced in the 2 CFR Part 200 subpart F S200.501

If your organization has completed the Fiscal Year 2020 federal funds audit or if your organization is not required to have an audit, please indicate so on the forms provided below. 

A-133 Subrecipient Reporting Form for FY2020

A-133 Subrecipient Reporting Spreadsheet for FY2020

Once the form(s) has/have been completed, return the form(s) either by mail:

Office of Grants and Research
10 Park Plaza, Suite 3720
Boston, MA 02116
Attn: A-133

Or by email: