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Accurate Scanning and Pricing

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Accurate Scanning and Pricing

The last thing consumers want to worry about when shopping is pricing and scanner accuracy. Fortunately mistakes at the register are the exception and not the rule in Massachusetts. However, errors are inevitable and items can be inaccurately priced.

To ensure retailers honor marked or advertised prices, the Division of Standards conducts thousands of random inspections throughout the Commonwealth. Each year, stores must meet the state accuracy standard of 98% based on a random sample of at least 50 items or more depending on the size of the store. 

For more information on item pricing and scanner accuracy, or to file a consumer complaint, please visit the Division of Standards website at

Grocery Item Pricing

Food retailers offer sale and discounted prices on particular items for a short period of time. Sometimes discounted prices and signs are not removed after the sale ends. To protect consumers and encourage retailers to keep a close eye on their item pricing, Massachusetts law states that a food store or food department may be fined $100.00 for any item that scans higher than the lowest advertised, marked or shelf tag price.

Although there are a number of exemptions from having a price label on each individual item, stores can also be fined for every missing shelf price tag. For more information about Massachusetts item pricing law, please visit M.G.L. Chapter 94, Section 184 B, C, D and E.

Price Accuracy Guarantees

Food stores that are in the waiver program offer consumers one of the items free if it scans higher than the lowest advertised price. Price accuracy guarantees are required to be posted at each checkout lane.