Administrative procedures for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) decisions

The following outline reflects the procedures that MassUCP applies to make certification determinations.
  1. UCP Director assigns a Certification Specialist to cases on a weekly basis. Assignments are on the first in - first out methodology to ensure equity in the process.
  2. The UCP Director notifies the applicant in writing that the case has been assigned to a Certification Specialist. The Specialist will determine eligibility based on an audit of the application and related documents within 3 days of assignment.
  3. We will notify you in writing if there are missing documents or if we need more information. You will have 2 weeks to respond. The Specialist may grant a one-time extension at their discretion if requested or necessary.
  4. Certification Specialist will ensure the company:
    • Has filed with the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth’s Office or its municipality
    • Has obtained all necessary licenses required by the state for its operation
    • Has the requisite insurance for its vehicles and personnel
    • Is in compliance with all state and federal laws

    Once the Specialist completes the desk audit they will notify the client and arrange a convenient time to conduct a site visit.  Whenever possible, the Specialist will schedule so that their visit reduces travel costs and time out of the office. The Specialist will complete a Site Visit Questionnaire included in the file.

  5. For Massachusetts companies, the Specialist will:
    • Visit a job site, where applicable, with the applicant as well as visit its principal place of business
    • Interview all key personnel and any other person with relevant information. These interviews may include, employees, subcontractors, consultants, legal counsel, accountants, and government personnel
  6. The Specialist will record all communications and interactions in the agency's client database. Recorded information may include, but is not limited to:
    • Phone calls
    • Meetings
    • Emails
    • Letters sent to the company
  7. After the site visit the Specialist will:
    • Prepare a report detailing if the company followed the regulatory requirements of 49 CFR Part 26, Subpart D 
    • Recommend either certification or denial
    • Submit the report to the Director and Legal Counsel for a decision

    The Director and Legal Counsel will either approve or deny applicants based on the report.

  8. If an applicant withdraws their application or is non responsive, the Specialist will prepare a brief report and close the file . You may apply again if you withdraw your application before we make a decision. If you establish a pattern of withdrawing your application before we reach decisions, you may have to wait up to 11 months. We will place any company reapplying after withdrawing its application at the "end-of-line."

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