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Agency PRP Coordinator Role

Roles and responsibilities of the Agency PRP Coordinator

The Agency PRP Coordinator, designated by the Agency Head, should possess the following qualities:

  • Occupies a respected position in the agency
  • Possesses good interpersonal skills
  • Is comfortable speaking before groups
  • Is well organized and attentive to details

The Coordinator should be committed to making the Performance Recognition Program successful within the agency.  The Coordinator has the following responsibilities:

  1. Communicate the goals, policies and procedures of the Performance Recognition Program (PRP) to all agency employees; ensure that each agency employee is aware of the program and receives nomination forms for the Commonwealth Citation for Outstanding Performance.
  2. Ensure that the agency keeps on schedule and meets all deadlines for the submission of information to HRD.
  3. Arrange with the Agency Head for the establishment of an Agency Selection Committee to submit recommendations for the Citation for Outstanding Performance, the Manuel Carballo Governor's Award for Excellence in Public Service, the Eugene H. Rooney, Jr. Public Service Award, the Governor Paul Cellucci Award for Leadership and Mentoring in State Government and the Commonwealth Equity in Governance Award. 
    • Agency Coordinators should make every effort to ensure that nominations reflect the diversity of the employee population.
  4. Verify the accuracy of spelling of the names of all nominees with the agency payroll office and certify that all nominees meet the established criteria for nomination.  Complete the necessary forms, obtain the Agency Head's signature, forward the forms to HRD and enter all citation winners and Carballo nominees into the PRP Information System.
  5. Arrange to have the award certificates picked up at HRD for the Agency Head's signature and verify that the names of the recipients are spelled correctly.
  6. Work with agency management to plan internal recognition for all agency Citation Award winners. 
  7. Extend invitation to, and verify attendance for, an event to recognize all Carballo, Rooney, Cellucci and Equity in Governance Award recipients within the agency.
  8. Work with the Agency Head in submitting explanatory material on the agency's Carballo nominee to the Governor's Selection Committee and provide assistance in obtaining information on the Carballo recipients.
  9. Facilitate any other activities regarding the Performance Recognition Program.