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Agricultural Energy Grant Program

Grant program that funds agricultural energy projects in an effort to improve energy efficiency and the adoption of alternative energy by Massachusetts farms.

The Ag-Energy Program now has two separate grant programs: our Ag-Energy Traditional Grant, now in its 10th year, funding a wide variety of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects:   and Ag-Energy “Special Projects”, now in its 2nd year, for specific project categories for agricultural energy projects that would typically require higher capital cost but potentially yield greater savings and/or positive agricultural impacts.


The Ag-Energy Grant Program provides funding to help agricultural operations improve energy efficiency and adopt alternative clean energy technologies. Reimbursement grants up to $20,000 will be awarded on a competitive basis.


Eligible Applicants

Applicants may represent:

  • Agricultural commodity associations
  • Agricultural support organizations 
  • Agricultural cooperatives
  • Massachusetts companies (incorporated with the Commonwealth whether for profit or non-profit)

We encourage applications from individuals, public and non-public entities to develop and implement new procedures for energy conservation and efficiency, renewable and alternative energy sources.

Program Details

Estimated Application Deadline: Late Spring 

Average Grant Size: $15,000

Average # of Grants: 22

FY 2014 Spending: $292,500


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