Annual LHA Reporting of Tenant Data

In response to Chapter 334 of the Acts of 2006 ('the Act"), the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) has developed a spreadsheet for local housing authorities administering state public housing to report data required by the Act to DHCD.

Program Information

The Act provides for the gathering, compiling, and reporting of data by DHCD to provide current, accurate, and detailed information on:

  • Number
  • Location
  • Residents of assisted housing units
  • Recipients of state or federal assistance in the Commonwealth

DHCD also will evaluate the data as part of its efforts to affirmatively further fair housing. DHCD will analyze the data to ensure that housing choice, equitable housing opportunities, and inclusive patterns of housing are available across the Commonwealth.

DHCD will annually report to the state legislature on its data collection efforts and results by December 31st, and may provide reports to other interested parties in a manner consistent with all applicable privacy laws.

To streamline reporting and enable DHCD to compile and analyze data more efficiently and effectively, LHAs must now report by uploading spreadsheets through the DHCD-LHA Housing Applications portal.

Regional Administering Agencies