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ARPA Bill Earmarks

Information about earmarks included in the ARPA appropriations bill enacted in December 2021.

On December 13, 2021, Governor Baker signed legislation appropriating up to $2.55 billion of the remaining uncommitted Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund dollars in the state’s Federal COVID-19 Response Fund, as well as $1.45 billion in state fiscal year 2021 surplus dollars from the Transitional Escrow Fund. This legislation included $347 million in funds earmarked to specific programs, projects, or organizations.

For Recipients of Earmarks:

  1. Fill out the Earmark Contact Collection Form.
  2. Identify the agency contact for your earmark below, by scrolling through the list or by searching by description or by earmark language.
  3. Email the completed form to the identified agency contact.
  4. Once the agency has the contact information, they will reach out to the vendor to obtain additional financial details. In most cases, funding will be dispersed to recipients within 16 weeks of receiving complete financial information.

The full list of earmarks can be exported via the link below the web tool. Click the right arrow below the list of earmarks to view the list in map view.